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Leading Industry Innovation

AML3D is at the forefront of the additive manufacturing revolution, utilising cutting-edge technologies to redefine the art of the possible. We partner with clients worldwide to unlock their Industry 4.0 and 5.0 potential, empowering them to compete and thrive on the international stage.

Our Company

AML3D combines a deep understanding of state-of-the-art welding science, robotics automation, materials engineering, and proprietary software to produce an automated 3D printing system operating in a freeform environment. This enables fast and efficient manufacture of components and structures using our patented Wire Additive Manufacturing process, which is more cost-effective and has increased strength compared to traditional casting, forging or billet manufacturing methods.

AML3D was founded in 2014 by Executive Director and CTO Andy Sales after many years working with traditional arc welding processes he came across a method using these arc welding techniques to build freeform solid metal objects, which he realised could provide the potential to replace conventional manufacturing techniques. Inspired and determined to take the concept further, Andy researched and developed the tools and processes to enhance what was becoming known as Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing.

Supported by an Entrepreneur's program, Andy worked towards establishing a pilot facility to test the designed systems and software to demonstrate the commercial viability of the technology. The additive manufacturing systems used in the pilot facility have developed into the large-scale metal 3D printer known as ARCEMY®. During this time, several proof-of-concept projects were completed including focused milestones on Quality procedures and developing resultant materials property data, leading to further software development, know-how and improvement of process procedures. Accredititations followed including ISO9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification and AML3D becoming the world’s first accredited wire-feedstock Additive Manufacturing Facility through Lloyd’s Register by mid 2018. Since then, AML3D has received DNV Approved Maritime Manufacturer certification and is the first additive manufacturing service provider to achieve both certifications.

April 2020 saw AML3D debut on the Australian Stock Exchange as ASX:AL3. The capital raised allowed for the facilitation and acceleration of AML3D's growth into global markets, with the company since engaged by some of the worlds largest companies.

Today, AML3D has the world's largest, open-air, production-ready, metal 3D printers commercially available on the market.

Our Company

Leadership teamOur Board


Noel Cornish AM

Non-Executive Chairman
Noel Cornish joined the Board of AML3D as a Non-executive Director and Chairman in October 2022. His former roles include Chief Executive of BlueScope Limited's Australian and New Zealand steel manufacturing businesses, Deputy Chancellor of the University of Wollongong, President of NorthStar BHP LLC in Ohio USA, Chairman of Snowy Hydro Limited and IMB Bank, as well as past National President Ai Group. Noel is currently Chairman of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain and a Non-executive Director of the University of Wollongong Global Enterprises. Noel was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2017 for his business leadership community service.

Andy Sales
MEng, MSc, CEng, CMatP

Executive Director | CTO

Andy is a Chartered Engineer with a Master of Engineering and Master of Science and a renowned welding technology expert with over 30 years of global experience (Australia, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia). Andy has held a variety of roles across upper management and senior leadership within the oil and gas, resources, and mining sectors including advanced manufacturing, heavy engineering and fabrication sectors.

He is also the author of numerous technical published papers on welding high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloys. In addition to Science and Engineering qualifications at Masters level, he holds a Diploma in Quality Management and Auditing. He is a Chartered Engineer through ECUK and TWI (UK) and a professional member of Materials Australia with a CMatP. He sits on two Standards Australia committees, including the position of co-Chair person on the committee for Additive Manufacturing.

Andy founded AML Technologies Pty Ltd (now AML3D Ltd) in 2014 and has been an Executive Director since 2019, and holding the CEO position between 2019 to late 2022.


Sean Ebert
BEng Hons(Electrical), GAICD, MBA

Executive Director | CEO

Sean has 25 years of executive and board-level experience across public and commercial sectors, with particular expertise within the engineering sectors of oil and gas, mining and resources and emerging technologies in Australia, the Middle East, South America, the US and Europe.

Sean is a non-executive director of Mighty Craft Limited (ASX: MCL) and Ecas 4 Australia Pty Ltd, Deputy Chairman of FCT International Pty Ltd and Chairman of Tony's Wholesale Flowers Pty Ltd.

Sean was previously the CEO of Beston Pacific Asset Management, Global Director of M&A of WorleyParsons, CEO of Camms Pty Ltd and CEO of Camms Profit Impact Pty Ltd.


Peter Siebels

Non-Executive Chairman
Following a thirty year career with KPMG including roles on the Australian National Board and National Executive Committee, Peter has pursued a career in Governance and Advisory, since 2015.Governance positions include Chair roles with the RAA, RAA Insurance, Electricity Industry Superannuation Scheme, Hood Sweeney, Robern Menz and also a non-executive director role with ECH, GCF Investments Pty Ltd . Through these roles, Peter has Chaired many Board Committees, including Investment, Finance and Audit, Governance and Nominations and Risk.

Kaitlin Smith
B.Com (Acc), CA, FGIA

Company Secretary
Kaitlin Smith was appointed to the position of Company Secretary on 30 November 2022. Kaitlin provides company secretarial and accounting services to various public and proprietary companies. She is a Chartered Accountant, a fellow member of the Governance Institute of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). The Company Secretary is accountable to the Board, through the Chair, on all matters concerning the effective functioning of the Board. All directors have direct access to the Company Secretary.

Australia and North AmericaAML3D Limited


Sean Ebert
BEng Hons (Electrical), GAICD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer
Sean has 25 years of executive and board-level experience across public and commercial sectors, with particular expertise within the engineering sectors of oil and gas, mining and resources and emerging technologies in Australia, the Middle East, South America, the US and Europe.

Pete Goumas

President & CEO of AML3D USA Inc.
Pete is a seasoned leader with over 38 years of industry experience leading technical and manufacturing organisations in the fields of government and civil nuclear power, power generation and technology development. Pete is committed to delivering, supporting and advancing AML3D’s technology for its current and prospective US customers.

Hamish McEwin
CA. BAcc.

Chief Financial Officer
A leader with 25 years of experience in accounting, finance, and senior management roles, Hamish specialises in driving operational transformation and nurturing talent across manufacturing, import/export, and distribution sectors.
2023-03 Kerrye Owen AML3D-Sq-SML-blk

Kerrye Owen
Bachelor of Science, Bus. Admin.

VP of Global Sales
With over 25 years of experience in sales and business development, Kerrye is a passionate and driven sales leader who thrives on delivering value to customers and driving growth. She oversees the sales strategy, operations, and execution globally and across our core industries Aerospace, Defence, Maritime, and Oil & Gas.

Nick Aschberger

VP Software and Product
Nick is an engineering and technology leader with 24 years experience across a range of engineering disciplines and roles, including software development, systems integration and automation. Nick has broad industry exposure, having worked in semiconductor design, simulation, rail and sensor analytics companies.

Trish Pollock

Marketing Specialist
With a career that started in design, Trish, an AMI Certified Practicing Marketer, brings over 20 years of design and advertising experience that incorporates industry 4.0 knowledge and delivery of turn-key solutions to the AML3D team.

Value Partner

AML3D Value Partner Phillips Corporation - Federal Division

Phillips Corporation - Federal Division

In the fast-evolving world of additive manufacturing, collaboration, and strategic partnerships are beneficial and essential. AML3D Limited is to partner with Phillips Corporation - Federal Division, a leading provider of advanced manufacturing solutions to North American Department of Defense. This collaboration highlights us commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both advanced and additive manufacturing technologies.



Applying for a position at AML3D presents an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic and innovative team at the forefront of advanced manufacturing technology. AML3D fosters an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration and continuous learning. Aspiring candidates can expect to contribute to cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of modern and traditional manufacturing methods. Whether it’s engineering, research and development or business operations, AML3D offers a range of career paths where individuals can thrive and make a meaningful impact. By joining AML3D, you become a part of a forward-thinking company dedicated to shaping the future of additive manufacturing.

Quality and Compliance


DNV Approved Maritime Manufacturer

AML3D is the first and only Wire Additive Manufacturing company globally to be approved by DNV to manufacture large-scale maritime steel and copper alloy components such as valves, fittings, and other general and structural equipment.


Lloyd's Register Certified AM Facility

Without certification, parts cannot be approved for use. In 2018, AML3D became the world's first facility to receive the “Additive Manufacturing Facility Qualification”.

AML3D produces and develops the technology for the world’s largest, certified ‘production-ready’ AM systems.


Certified AS 9100D for Aerospace Compliance

When it comes to AM within the aerospace sector, AS9100D plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the integrity and consistency of 3D-printed components. Aligning AM processes with AS9100D ensures high-quality parts with AML3D's WAM® system.


Certified ISO 9001 2015 Quality Compliance

We operate a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for all 3D metal printing, additive manufacturing and welding structures and for the fabrication of ARCEMY® Wire Additive Manufacturing Systems.


AWS International Standard Compliant

When producing metal components, we are compliant with the American Welding Society Standard Specification for Fabrication of Metal Components using Additive Manufacturing AWS D20.1/D20.1M:2019 under the criticality classifications of Class A, B and C.



HQ, AML3D Aus Technology Centre

Strategically located, AML3D’s state-of-the-art headquarters offers the ideal environment for innovation, collaboration and production. Equipped with curring-edge equipment and infrastructure, the site enables the efficient and precise fabrication of ARCEMY® systems, that uses patented Wire Additive Manufacturing technology for industry to produce parts for aerospace, defence, maritime and oil and gas. The facilities strategic positioing enhances logistical capabilities, faciliting swamless integration into gloal suppy chains.


Coming SoonAML3D USA Inc Technology Centre

From bustling industrial hubs to speacilised research centres, Nort America offers a spectrum of facilities catering to various industries and applications. AML3D is currently assessing the regions vibrant ecosystem assessing proximity to key markets, skilled labour and infrastructure capability. In an effort to continue to be a leader in wire-arc additive manufacturing technology, AML3D will be seeking a facility that will enable us to continue to service our various industries.