Our patented WAM® Technology

Our patented

WAM® Process

  • PNear net shape
  • PRobotic automation
  • PRapid fabrication
  • PLayer on layer
  • PMinimal stress / distortion
  • PHigh deposition rates
  • PFully dense parts
Process Diagram

Robotically controlled for precision and accuracy


 Wire feed contact delivery unit and inert gas to prevent oxidisation


Controlled metal transfer through arc plasma for molten metal layering


Layer on layer manufactured component


Substrate for build platform includes temperature control for optimised component cooling control


New layer with precision controlled cooling for optimised strength


Fully dense parts fully compliant to required standards


WAM® combines an electric arc with certified welding wire, as feedstock, to produce medium to large scale, free-form parts.

Our patented WAM® process is characterised under the 3D printing standards for Direct Energy Deposition. It challenges other wire-feed-stock metal printing techniques such as Electron Beam, Wire Fed Laser and Laser sintering processes. Unlike these different processes, WAM® can be used to print metal parts in an open free-form fabrication environment using localised inert gas. With localised gas shielding, the need for an enclosed chamber of any kind is eliminated, which does not limit the component build size. Various gas mixtures, controlled cooling can be used to enhance the properties of the final part.

Wire Additive Manufacturing greatly reduces fabrication costs, with the process and proprietary software improving manufacture lead times while improving material properties.

When our technology is combined with an ARCEMY® print module or a hybrid production cell, it is capable of deployment at a much lower capital cost than alternative additive manufacturing processes.

WAM® is highly innovative, removing the traditional size restrictions of 3D printing and substantially reducing high-cost material waste while minimising fabrication time compared with conventional casting, forging and machining.

The size of the product does not limit WAM® as it builds free-form without an enclosed chamber, hence not restricting size. Further, with the broad range of metals available, WAM® can either repair or create a new 3D model to manufacture an entirely new component without relying on the current series of supply chain involvement.



AML3D® is a globally accredited Wire Additive Manufacturing facility. Certified through Lloyd’s Register, with ISO9001:2015 QMS, AWS D.20 and BizSafe3 compliance.

AML3D Parts are Stronger


Manufacture more superior high-strength parts from a wide range of feedstock material grades using our patented Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) technology.

AML3D parts are manufactured faster


Help customers to experience less downtime on part replacement with shorter production cycles, saving on inventory and the costs of supply chain bottom line.

AML3D parts are efficient


Disrupting traditional metal manufacturing processes, such as casting and forging, for a greener, lower energy, lower waste manufacturing solution.

Our process can be applied to all weldable metals and alloys.

Materials used

An extensive array of metals and alloys is available to fabricate parts using our patented WAM® process and ARCEMY® print module.

Our process is highly adaptable to virtually any material, often resulting in superior property outcomes resulting from the Direct Energy Deposition (DED) process.

For additional properties, parts can be heat-treated, coated or used as a feature addition, supporting traditionally manufactured parts.

Ask us about our range of wire feedstock options.


5183 (0.2%Sc)


Grade 5
Grade 23

Nickel Alloys

FeNi36 (INVAR)
Inconel 625
Inconel 718
NiAlCu (NAB)


Maraging Grade 250
Stainless 316L
Duplex 2205, 2507
Martensitic 410
Austenitic 420


Process can be applied to all weldable metals and alloys. Including but not limited to Aluminium, Titanium, Nickel Alloy and Steel.


Design Optimisations enables new standards of lightweight structures with greater degrees of geometric complexity.

Wire Feedstock

Certified wire feedstock is readily available through secure supply chains, is easy and affordable to store.

Enhanced Strength

Our patented WAM® process allows for material properties to be enhanced, to specific requirements the industry.




Cost savings



Increased build speed



Waste reduction

is a


Fully Certified by Lloyd's Registered Process

Our Industries









Oil & Gas Refinery

Oil & Gas

Toolcraft looks to partner with AML3D whenever there is scope for their process – when manufacturing parts larger than commonly available materials or when sourcing exotic metals is cost prohibitive.

Greg Stevens
- Toolcraft, General Manager Business

By building a supply chain for 3D Printed Industrial components, we are able to drastically reduce lead time and inventory costs for our industrial clients. This first phase is qualifying a component that frequently requires replacement due to harsh conditions and we expect a cost savings of approximately 700,000 USD per annum when AML3D’s WAM® technology is fully integrated.

Alexander S. De Vore

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, or WAAM, has the potential to enable a productivity step change in shipbuilding, able to 3D print marine grade metal structures at a scale well beyond other commercially available metal 3D printing technologies.

Andrew Malcolm
- Austal, Chief Digital Officer

 Australia has an enviable opportunity in being at the forefront of the biggest shifts in manufacturing since the early 1900’s and we intend to be a big part of this focus in the Additive Manufacturing space. Our initial focus with this unit will be on servicing key clients within the Oil and Gas sector with future potential also in Defence and other industries.

Ivan Donjerkovich
- iKAD, Engineering’s Managing Director

We’re excited to partner with AML3D, a local South Australian company that has developed a leading technology which can position us at the forefront of innovation to achieve our goals.

Cameron Johnston
- Rowlands Metalwork, Managing Director

Quality and Compliance

AML3D is a DNV Approved Maritime Manufacturer

DNV Approved Maritime Manufacturer

AML3D is the first and only, Wire Additive Manufacturing company globally to be approved by DNV to manufacture large-scale maritime steel and copper alloy components such as valves, fittings, and other general and structural equipment.

Lloyd's Register Certified

Lloyd's Register
Quality assurance for WAM®products

Without certification, parts cannot be approved for use. In 2018, AML3D® became the worlds first facility to receive the “Additive Manufacturing Facility Qualification”.

AML3D® has the world’s largest, certified ‘production-ready’ metal 3D printers.


ISO 9001 2015
Quality Compliance

We operate a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for all 3D metal printing, additive manufacturing and welding structures.

AWS International Standard Compliant

When producing metal components, we are compliant with the globally accepted American Welding Society Standard Specification for Fabrication of Metal Components using Additive Manufacturing AWS D20.1/D20.1M:2019 under the criticality classifications of Class A, B and C.

Singapore Risk Management Compliant

AML3D® is bizSafe level 3 ready as recognised by Singapore Accreditation Council, providing customers with peace of mind assurance.