AML3D Advances Growth Strategy with ARCEMY Sale

AML3D Advances Growth Strategy with ARCEMY® Sale


  • Curtin University purchases A$1 million enterprise-level ARCEMY® system to expand its additive manufacturing teaching and research capability.
  • Sale aligns with AML3D’s strategy to focus as an OEM supplier of advanced ARCEMY® systems for defence, maritime and oil & gas.
  • AML3D to utilise the new ARCEMY® system at Curtin as a demonstration facility for existing and potential customers.

AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3) (“AML3D” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the sale of a medium-level enterprise ARCEMY® Wire Additive Manufacturing metal 3D printing system to Curtin University (Curtin). This ARCEMY® system will complement existing small-scale R&D capabilities in Curtin’s new Additive Manufacturing Microfactory Facility.

The sale, valued A$1 million, aligns with AML3D’s strategy of increasing the proportion of its revenue contributed from sales of ARCEMY® systems. Under the sale contract, AML3D will provide three years of software licensing and technical support. Sales proceeds are expected to be received in three instalments commencing from the receipt of the purchase order through to delivery and installation of the new system.

The sale supports the growth of advanced 3D wire additive manufacturing at leading educational and research institutions, which will play a critical role in upskilling Australia’s defence manufacturing capabilities. In addition, the Curtin Microfactory will act as a satellite R&D platform for AML3D to demonstrate ARCEMY®‘s capabilities to potential customers across Western Australia’s Mining, Agriculture, Oil & Gas and Defence Maritime industries.

Under a separate partnership agreement, AML3D will collaborate with Curtin on a research program utilising the new ARCEMY® system, including contributing A$100,000 per annum over three years to support a full-time Research Fellow and a PhD candidate. The research activities undertaken as part of this AML3D-Curtin collaboration will focus on new alloys and materials science with a bias towards the needs of new Defence customers utilising AML3D’s WAM® proven technology through various accreditations.

AML3D Interim CEO Sean Ebert comments on the sale:

AML3D is delighted to be able to support Curtin University in expanding its wire additive manufacturing capabilities with the purchase of an enterprise-level ARCEMY® System. This sale represents AML3D delivering against its strategic objectives and is an excellent opportunity to partner with Curtin to expand the applications for our Wire Additive Manufacturing technology in Australia and globally.

We look forward to collaborating with Curtin on research that will enhance the capability of our ARCEMY® systems for our customers, especially in defence and maritime. Over the longer term, this research program should help to position AML3D to benefit from an expected expansion of defence manufacturing that AUKUS and other demand signals will drive.

Our ability to use this new ARCEMY® system for satellite manufacturing is also expected to advance further AML3D developing new customer relationships across Western Australia’s Oil & Gas, Defence/Maritime and Mining industries and expand the market for on-demand metal 3D printed products and spare parts.

Above: Typical ARCEMY® metal 3D printing system.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of AML3D.

Source:  AL3 AML3D Advances Growth Strategy with ARCEMY Sale PDF, Company News


About AML3D

AML3D Limited, a publicly listed technology company founded in 2014, utilises new technologies to pioneer and lead metal additive manufacturing globally. Disrupting the traditional manufacturing space, AML3D has developed and patented a Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) process that metal 3D prints commercial, large-scale parts for Aerospace, Defence, Maritime, Manufacturing, Mining and Oil & Gas. AML3D provides parts contract manufacturing from its Technology Centre in Adelaide, Australia, and is the OEM of ARCEMY®, an industrial metal 3D printing system that combines IIoT and Industry 4.0 to enable manufacturers to become globally competitive.