Aluminium Aluminium 2319

Aluminium wire feedstock ER2319 is an aluminium alloy used in the Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) processes.

ER2319 is an aluminium alloy that was originally developed for use with 2219, an alloy that is commonly used in high-strength structural and aerospace applications. ER2319 features an increased copper content with manganese providing added resistance to stress corrosion cracking and is capable of withstanding elevated temperatures.

There is potential for ER2319 to be used within hybrid WAM® produced aluminium parts, with the material suitable for use with casted alloys such as C355.0.

With the adjustment of particular WAM® print parameter settings within ARCEMY® and AMLSoft™, ER2319 may offer excellent fatigue resistance, fracture toughness, and damage tolerance; in some scenarios’ parts may require post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) to achieve optimal required tensile and yield strengths.

Material Applications:

Lighter parts

High strength


Resistant to corrosion


Heat treatable

Suitable for:






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