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ARCEMY®, using patented Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) technology, enables makers to produce large-scale and exotic material parts faster, stronger and greener than traditional manufacturing methods.


Manufacture more superior, high-strength parts from a wide range of feedstock material grades using our patented Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) technology.

AML3D’s ARCEMY® and AMLSoft™ have specific processing parameters that can be managed to improve the material property performance of WAM® produced parts. Process parameters, such as welding current, travel speed, interpass temperatures and shielding gas, can be carefully controlled with some alloys to improve yield and tensile strength, ductility, hardness and fatigue life.


WAM® helps ARCEMY® users experience less downtime on part production and replacement with shorter production cycles, saving on inventory and decreasing supply chain bottom line costs.

WAM® and ARCEMY® enable a digitally driven, on-demand manufacturing experience reducing freight costs and time with systems located near-to-demand in a manufacturing facility, or at a client's location such as a shipyard. Design for Additive Manufacturing processes, combined with WAMSoft® path planning and print simulation accelerates the prototype making proof-of-concept to production process as the tooling process is negated.


Offering a greener, lower energy, reduced waste manufacturing solution, WAM® disrupts traditional metal manufacturing processes, including billet-machining, casting, and forging.

With many businesses focusing on ESG targets ahead of Net Zero 2050, manufacturers are reaching towards novel technologies to minimise adverse environmental effects. Technologies such as WAM® use less material resulting in lower material costs and energy usage and can be seen as a must-have and game changer. AML3D's technology is proven to support up to 80% savings in material waste compared to cast and forged methods.

Software that Delivers



WAMsoft® path planning software for Wire Additive Manufacturing technology offers unparalleled precision, efficiency, and control in the fabrication process. This innovative software integrates with the AML3D’s AMLSoft®, empowering users to generate optimal tool paths for complex geometries with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_6102 (1)


Considered the operating system, AMLSoft™ contains the core features that allow AM operators to Wire Additively Manufacture metal parts with AML3D’s ARCEMY® successfully. This innovative software enables the AM operator to manage integral parameters such as material selection, wire-feed speeds, gas flow, and interpass temperatures.


WAM® combines an electric arc with certified welding wire feedstock to metal 3D print medium to large-scale, free-form parts.

Our patented WAM® process is characterised under the 3D printing standards for Direct Energy Deposition. It challenges other wire-feed-stock metal printing techniques such as Electron Beam, Wire Fed Laser and Laser sintering processes. Unlike these different processes, WAM® can be used to print metal parts in an open free-form fabrication environment using localised inert gas. With localised gas shielding, the need for an enclosed chamber of any kind is eliminated, which does not limit the component build size. Various gas mixtures, controlled cooling can be used to enhance the properties of the final part.


Who are aml3d?

AML3D has the world's largest, open-air, production-ready, metal 3D printers commercially available on the market. Years of research and development puts AML3D at the forefront of the additive manufacturing revolution. Combining a deep understanding of state-of-the-art welding science, robotics automation, materials engineering, and proprietary software to produce an automated 3D printing system operating in a freeform environment.

AML3D is an ASX-listed company and has the following accreditations:

  • AS 9100D for Aerospace
  • ISO9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification
  • DNV Approved Maritime Manufacturer Certification
  • Certified Lloyd's Additive Manufacturing Facility


Materials used

An extensive array of metals and alloys is available to fabricate parts using our patented WAM® process and ARCEMY® print module.

Our process is highly adaptable to virtually any material, often resulting in superior property outcomes resulting from the Direct Energy Deposition (DED) process.

For additional properties, parts can be heat-treated, coated or used as a feature addition, supporting traditionally manufactured parts.

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AML3D Wins Grant for Technology Investment

AML3D Wins SA Government Grant for $2.24 Million Technology Investment Highlights AML3D to match a South Australian Government grant and invest a total of $2.24m in the next generation of its proprietary metal 3D printing technology.  The investment accelerates the project to increase the deposition rates and efficiency of AML3D’s ARCEMY® advanced manufacturing systems.  Accelerating…

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AML3D Establishing US Manufacturing Base in Ohio

Establishment of US Manufacturing Base in Ohio Highlights AML3D signs lease on a modern, purpose-built manufacturing facility at Stow, Ohio in the centre of the US industrial heartland.   The 1,000mm2 facility is pre-configured to provide AML3D with a ready-to-use, US manufacturing, sales and corporate hub.   Based in an industrial district, with access to…

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US Navy Supplier LWS Leases Two ARCEMY® Systems

US Navy supplier Laser Welding Solutions leases two additional ARCEMY® systems Highlights US Navy submarine component manufacturing partner, Laser Welding Solutions, to lease 2 additional ARCEMY© metal 3D printing systems with option to purchase; Additional systems to accelerate the US Navy’s ARCEMY© parts and alloy qualification program; $0.7m order advances AML3D’s strategy to embed its…

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AML3D Raises $6.9m Across Rights Issue and Placement

AML3D Raises $6.9m Across Rights Issue and Subsequent Placement Highlights The AML3D Rights Issue successfully raised A$3.9 million via applications from existing eligible shareholders and a strongly supported Shortfall Placement. The Company offered an Additional Placement raising a further A$3.0 million to cater for strong additional demand from institutional, professional and sophisticated investors in the…

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WAM Super Duplex Stainless Steel Shows Promising Fatigue Life

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Shows Promising Fatigue life and Crack Growth resistance for Tough Applications Wire Additively Manufactured Super Duplex Stainless Steel Shows Promise for Tough Applications. Imagine building super strong structures using a large-scale metal 3D printer. That’s the potential of Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®), a technique for creating metal objects layer by layer.…

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New US Defense Contract Builds Alloy Capacity

New US Defense contract builds alloy qualification & testing capacity Highlights AML3D receives A$1.54 million1 purchase order to facilitate Copper Nickel (CuNi) alloy qualification program in support of the US Department of Defence. The increase in funding for qualification testing follows the success of AML3D’s existing Copper-Nickel characterisation and test contract. Under the new alloy…

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Aerospace Contract Expands AML3Ds presence in Australian Defence sector

Aerospace contract expands AML3D’s presence in Australian Defence sector Highlights AML3D secures complex 3D metal printed component contract to support an Australian Government aerospace defence project. The contract builds on the successful delivery of an initial multi-stage nozzle assembly that demonstrated AML3D’s technology advantage. AML3D expects expansion in additional defence markets, while continuing the successful…

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AML3D Expands Australian Defence Capabilities

AML3D expands Australian Defence capabilities with marine test parts contract Highlights AML3D to provide test components to Australian Government defence agency to evaluate suitability for marine purposes. Test components will be manufactured using Nickel Aluminium Bronze and a high strength steel alloy. Contract is aligned with AML3D’s strategic objective to diversify into additional marine defence…

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AS 9100D AML3D Soars to New Heights!

AS 9100D Certification – AML3D soars to new heights! AML3D Soars to New Heights with AS 9100D Certification for Aerospace Components Additive manufacturing (AM) has taken the aviation, aerospace, and space industries by storm. However, for these critical applications, components need to meet the most stringent quality standards. This is where AML3D and its recent…

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AML3D to Manufacture Prototype for BAE’s Frigate Program

AML3D to manufacture prototype for BAE Systems Maritime Australia’s Hunter Class Frigate Program. Highlights AML3D signs a prototype part manufacture and testing contract with BAE Systems Maritime Australia. The prototype part may have application within BAE Systems Maritime Australia’s contract to design and build the Hunter class frigates for the Royal Australian Navy. The contract follows…

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Quality and Compliance


DNV Approved Maritime Manufacturer

AML3D is the first and only Wire Additive Manufacturing company globally to be approved by DNV to manufacture large-scale maritime steel and copper alloy components such as valves, fittings, and other general and structural equipment.


Lloyd's Register Certified AM Facility

Without certification, parts cannot be approved for use. In 2018, AML3D became the world's first facility to receive the “Additive Manufacturing Facility Qualification”.

AML3D produces and develops the technology for the world’s largest, certified ‘production-ready’ AM systems.


Certified AS 9100D for Aerospace Compliance

When it comes to AM within the aerospace sector, AS9100D plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the integrity and consistency of 3D-printed components. Aligning AM processes with AS9100D ensures high-quality parts with AML3D's WAM® system.


Certified ISO 9001 2015 Quality Compliance

We operate a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for all 3D metal printing, additive manufacturing and welding structures and for the fabrication of ARCEMY® Wire Additive Manufacturing Systems.


AWS International Standard Compliant

When producing metal components, we are compliant with the American Welding Society Standard Specification for Fabrication of Metal Components using Additive Manufacturing AWS D20.1/D20.1M:2019 under the criticality classifications of Class A, B and C.