Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 410

ER410 wire feedstock is commonly used for the Wire Additive Manufacturing of martensitic stainless-steel components such as turbine blades, valves, pump shafts, and tooling. It’s high strength, toughness and corrosion resistant properties make the material highly sought after in Oil & Gas, and Processing industries.

Often used for applications requiring resistance to wear, abrasion, and moderate impact, ER410 material properties can be improved within the ARCEMY® print process and further supported with heat treatment. PWHT may be necessary to achieve specific hardness and toughness properties.

AMLSoft™ allows for specific process parameters, such as welding current, travel speed, and shielding gas, to be carefully controlled ensuring successful manufacturing outcomes.

Material Applications:

Lighter and stronger parts

High processability

Improved hardness

Resistant to corrosion

Resistant to cracking

Suitable for high temperatures

Suitable for:



Oil & Gas


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