WAM Materials Steel for Metal 3D Printing

Steel wire feedstock is a commonly used material in additive manufacturing, specifically in Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) processes where large-scale parts, that are typically machined from billed, cast or forged have long lead times or experience compromised quality.

Certified steel wire feedstocks offer several advantages to the market including material availability and cost, strength, and durability, particularly when used with WAM® for metal 3D printing parts. Many steels are known for their high-strength and durability, providing good mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, toughness, and impact resistance.

When manufacturing parts using ARCEMY® and WAM® many of the mechanical properties can be improved by adjusting the printing parameters found within AMLSoft™. Using ARCEMY® AML3D has produced steel products that are stronger than forged equivalents with UTS being up to 10% higher UTS in the same steel components made using conventional forging techniques and more than 30% higher UTS than the applicable global standard.

Material Applications

An extensive array of metals and alloys is available to fabricate parts using our patented WAM® process and ARCEMY® print module.

Our process is highly adaptable to virtually any material, often resulting in superior property outcomes resulting from the Direct Energy Deposition (DED) process.

For additional properties, parts can be heat-treated, coated or used as a feature addition, supporting traditionally manufactured parts.

Lighter and stronger parts
High processability
Increased conductivity
Resistant to corrosion

Material Options

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