Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 310

Commonly used for the Wire Additive Manufacture (WAM®) of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant components, commonly required for Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, and Power Generation applications.

Exhibiting good mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and toughness, ER310 is suitable for demanding applications. A fully austenitic wire feedstock, parts produced with WAM® and ER310 typically feature high temperature oxidation resistance up to 1,200 Degree Celsius.

Mechanical properties for ER310, including tensile and yield strength, can be improved through specific parameter control provided by AMLSoft™ for ARCEMY® metal 3D printing systems. AMLSoft™ enables management of process parameters, such as welding current, travel speed, and shielding gas, are carefully controlled to ensure successful manufacturing outcomes.

Material Applications:

Lighter and stronger parts

High processability

Resistant to corrosion

Resistant to cracking

Suitable for aggressive environments

Suitable for high temperatures

Suitable for:



Oil & Gas


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