Nickel Alloy Nickel Alloy FeNi36 (INVAR)

FeNi36, also known as Invar or Invar 36, is a nickel-iron alloy with a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is widely used in applications with critical dimensional stability, such as precision instruments, optical devices, and Aerospace components.

AML3D has successfully used ARCEMY® and Wire Additive Manufacturing to produce tooling for the aerospace industry, finding the material provides customers with the ability to make parts that require thermal stability in elevated temperature environments due to its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion. FeNi36 Material properties to be enhanced with parameters managed with ARCEMY®s, AMLSoft™ which allows for precise control over wire feedstock deposition and enables the production of medium- to large-scale parts and customised components

Invar also exhibits ferromagnetic behaviour and has a relatively high magnetic permeability. This property makes it suitable for applications requiring magnetic shielding or control.

Material Applications:

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Low electrical conductivity

High ductility among low-expansion iron alloys


High strength

Suitable for tooling

Suitable for:




Oil & Gas



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