Aluminium Aluminium 5356

Aluminium alloy ER5356 is primarily composed of aluminium with small additions of magnesium and manganese. The magnesium content increases strength and improves weldability, while manganese contributes to the alloy’s corrosion resistance. The alloy forms strong and reliable welds with good penetration, low porosity, and minimal cracking, making it suitable for WAM® and ARCEMY® industrial metal 3D printing systems.

ER5356 offers good mechanical properties, including high tensile and yield strength making the material suitable for applications that require structural integrity and load-bearing capabilities, as commonly seen in Aerospace, Maritime, and general fabrication.

Corrosion resistance is another significant feature of Aluminium ER5356, as it exhibits good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and can withstand exposure to seawater and other corrosive environments. This corrosion resistance makes it suitable for applications in marine environments, such as boat building and other outdoor or corrosive environments.

There is potential for material properties to be enhanced with parameters managed with ARCEMY®s, AMLSoft™ which allows for precise control over wire feedstock deposition and enables the production of medium- to large-scale parts and customised components.


Material Applications:

Lighter parts

High-shear strength

Stronger parts


Resistant to corrosion

Sensitive to high temperatures

Suitable for:




Oil & Gas

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