Steel Steel ER70S-6

ER70S-6 is a low medium strength steel, with specific chemical composition and mechanical properties suitable for many WAM® applications. Typically manufactured with a clean and uniform surface free from contaminants, ER70S-6 features excellent weldability. This characteristic helps maintain consistent weld quality and reduces the risk of porosity or defects in the deposited material during the Wire Additive Manufacturing process.

Steel ER70S-6 offers a balanced combination of strength and ductility; it provides sufficient tensile strength and yield strength for structural applications while retaining good elongation and toughness. ARCEMY®’s AMLSoft™ allows for specific parameters used in the WAM® process to be leveraged to improve material properties, including tensile strength and ductility.

In WAM® part manufacture, ER70S-6 is best suited for manufacturing and fabrication of industrial parts that are subject to that are subject to static loads. It is also suitable for bi-similar metal additive manufacturing requirements as well as large format additive manufacturing, where parts are more than 750 kg or are over 400 x 400 mm in size and manufactured in a high volume.

Material Applications:

High quality

Mild steel



Suitable for structural applications

Suitable for:



Oil & Gas


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