WAM® for Manufacturing

Technology for Manufacturing Complex Metal Components

Disrupting traditional manufacturing, Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) provides an alternative method that can produce parts stronger, faster and greener.

2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_5977
2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_5977

Transforming Manufactured Parts

Metal 3D printing has evolved with AML3Ds ARCEMY® and patented Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing processes, mainly when producing medium to large-scale and exotic material parts for industries that require high-strength or high-wear resistance.

Replacement parts are core to daily operations for many industries. While scheduled maintenance can be managed to result in minimal output disruptions, unscheduled maintenance from a failed part can have a significant negative impact.

Failure of parts in some industries is a high cost not only due to the financial aspect of non-operation but also due to the extensive lead times involved in manufacturing the part traditionally or the supply chain cost of carrying an inventory.

AML3D can better support your part supply chain with WAM® and ARCEMY®. Creating parts in weeks – not years –minimising the inventory cost with on-demand Manufacturing.

2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_5996

Less Downtime with Faster Manufacturing

There are many features of WAM® for replacement or remanufacturing parts, particularly when traditional processes like cast, forged, and subtractive methods can have long material lead times.

With WAM®, as there is no lead time to access billets, create suitable moulds, or resource the necessary materials for manufacture, fabrication time is generally weeks, not months.

ASME standard certified wire feedstock for fabrication is sourced from a list of local and validated suppliers, allowing the manufacturer to focus on quality and material benefits for parts. The ease of access to wire feedstock paired with the range available positively affects production time.
WAM® also allows medium to large-scale geometrically complex shapes to be manufactured near-net. Complex geometries can be manufactured in stages as a part of a multi-step process. Generally, this means less time for machining and finishing, another time-saving feature in production.

Additionally, with AML3D’s proprietary software WAMSoft®, it is possible to plan pathways for deposition digitally; simulation through our digital platform results in part success before the manufacturing starts. It saves time and cost while ensuring the success of part manufacturing.

2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_5996
2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_6094
2023-06-29 ARCEMY X IMG_6094

Optimising High-Stress Parts

WAM® creates the possibility to optimise parts for industry with Design for Additive Manufacture (DfAM).
In high-stress and hostile environments, wear on parts is inevitable. In scenarios where parts are worn excessively, AML3D can review the component’s design and guide how to improve it.

For obsolete parts, WAM® is the perfect alternative to source a replacement. Our WAMSoft® technology enables a faster remanufacturing process, allowing the opportunity to optimise obsolete parts and transform them with Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

AML3D’s WAMSoft® includes splicing and digital simulation, ensuring your part is optimally enhanced. AML3D can work with you and specific part requirements, ensuring your replacement part needs are met and manufactured in compliance with global standards as an element of AML3D’s proof of concept part program.

With the extensive range of wire stock available, a compatible feedstock can be selected, potentially providing superior mechanical properties than traditional parts. Your part will wear slower, culminating in fewer operational disruptions due to failures, less inventory, and higher efficiencies.

Improve Your Part Supply Chain