WAMsoft® is the AML3D slicer and path planning tool. When printing a real-world object from a CAD model, WAMSoft® is the first software package used in AML3D’s WAM® workflow. Users load the CAD model and use WAMSoft® to generate a layer-by-layer path plan that the ARCEMY® welding torch will follow to print the object. The optimal path plan for a print depends on the geometry itself, but also the system configuration (positioner and robot models) and welding environment (material and shielding gas) used in the print. WAMSoft® provides a range of options that allow users to configure these parameters, and then generate the path plan, iterating as necessary to achieve an optimal result that offers unparalleled precision, efficiency, and control of the fabrication process. WAMSoft® then integrates with AML3D’s AMLSoft®, by passing the path plan to AMLSoft® as the next stage in the printing process.

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Per-Layer Processing

WAMSoft® splits a given object into multiple layers and then automatically path plans for metal deposition on each layer. WAMSoft® provides 2D (for a selected layer) and 3D visualization of the generated path plan for users to analyze and optimize in an iterative process.

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Multi-Part Processing

WAMSoft® supports a multi-part path planning processing, where a CAD model is split into multiple printing stages. This sectioned approach is required to optimize complex geometries and select different welding and path-planning techniques for each part stage.

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Multidirectional AM

WAMSoft® generates multidirectional WAM® path plans based on the configuration of the robot and positioner in the ARCEMY® cell. The available axes offer greater design freedom, ensuring optimal position of the welding torch, which in turn improves part quality and strength.


AMLSoft™ is the operating system of an ARCEMY cell. AMLSoft™ contains all functionality that allows ARCEMY operators to load a WAMSoft® generated path plan and manufacture metal parts successfully. AMLSoft™ provides real-time feedback and displays all measurable parameters during print, such as material selection, wire-feed speeds, gas flow, current, voltage, and interpass temperatures. Additionally, AMLSoft™ provides manual control of cell functionality, enabling operators to pause/resume and manage all connected cell peripherals, such as the welding unit, blowers and robots.


Control Movement and Material Deposition

AMLSoft™ ensures high-quality material deposition by interpreting the path plan provided by WAMSoft® and real-time log generation of the path followed by the robot for examination by the ARCEMY® operator. Featuring a user-friendly interface, AMLSoft™ allows users to easily monitor the build process.


Manage Process Parameters

All critical parameters such as arc voltage, current, wire feed rate, gas flow, temperatures and deposition rates are monitored to ensure they stay within optimal ranges for a stable and controlled build process. These parameters are logged during the print ensuring the data is available for standards compliance and qualification of the WAM® part.


Automation and Print Acceleration

Monitoring sensors in the ARCEMY® cell help AMLSoft™ to continuously manage print data and reduce the need for operator intervention. Information is collected per-bead, or per-layer basis and sent back to AMLSoft™ for automated decision making. Wire and gas consumables and automated welding tip cleaning are also tracked and flagged in this manner.


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