Steel Steel ER110S-G

ER110S-G wire feedstock is known for its high tensile strength, excellent toughness, and cracking resistance. It is designed for applications requiring high strength, good impact resistance in low temperatures.

Due to its high strength, good toughness, and resistance to high-temperature environments, ER110S-G is often used for industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, pressure vessel fabrication, and even heavy equipment manufacturing. Specific use may include parts that must withstand high stress while exhibiting good impact resistance in challenging operating conditions.

The mechanical properties of ER110S-G can be improved by managing the parameters of the Wire Additive Manufacturing process used by ARCEMY® industrial metal 3D printing systems. ARCEMY®’s AMLSoft™ allows for specific parameters used in the WAM® process to be leveraged to improve material properties, including tensile strength and ductility.

Material Applications:

High tensile strength

Resistant to cracking

Excellent toughness

Good impact resistance

Fatigue resistant

Suitable for elevated temperatures

Suitable for:



Oil & Gas


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