Aluminium Aluminium 5183 0.2% Sc

Aluminium scandium wire feedstock with a composition of ER5183 + “0.2% Sc” refers to an aluminium alloy that contains a small addition of scandium. Scandium is a rare earth element known for its ability to enhance the properties of aluminium alloys, particularly in terms of strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance.

As a base alloy, ER5183 is a popular aluminium alloy used in WAM® applications. It consists primarily of aluminium with small additions of magnesium and manganese. The addition of magnesium provides strength and weldability, while manganese contributes to corrosion resistance. Adding a small percentage of scandium to the ER5183 alloy, the resulting aluminium scandium (AlSc) wire feedstock has improved properties compared to traditional aluminium alloys. Scandium forms fine precipitates within the aluminium matrix, strengthening and refining the grain structure leading to enhanced mechanical properties and performance.

One of the main advantages of using AlSc in WAM® is its increased strength. The addition of scandium can significantly improve the alloy’s tensile strength and yield strength. This makes it particularly valuable in applications where buy-to-fly ratios – high strength and lightweight properties – are essential, such as Aerospace, Defence and Maritime. The increased material properties offered by adding scandium can also result in faster manufacturing times for WAM® parts, as the duration required for PWHT may be significantly reduced.

AML3D’s ARCEMY® and AMLSoft™ have specific processing parameters for AISc in WAM® applications. Appropriate process parameters, such as welding current, travel speed, and shielding gas, are carefully controlled to ensure successful manufacturing outcomes.

Material Applications:

Lighter parts

Increased strength


Resistant to corrosion


Heat treatable

Good ductility

Suitable for Low-temperature applications

Suitable for:




Oil & Gas



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