AS 9100D AML3D Soars to New Heights!

AS 9100D Certification - AML3D soars to new heights!

AML3D Soars to New Heights with AS 9100D Certification for Aerospace Components

Additive manufacturing (AM) has taken the aviation, aerospace, and space industries by storm. However, for these critical applications, components need to meet the most stringent quality standards. This is where AML3D and its recent AS 9100D certification come in, offering a significant leap forward for wire additive manufacturing (WAM®) technology in the Aerospace and Space sector.

AML3D’s WAMSoft is used in the production process for WAM® Aerospace components AS 9100D
AML3D’s WAMSoft is used in the production process for WAM® Aerospace components AS 9100D

What is AS 9100D and Why Does it Matter?

The AS 9100 series of standards is a globally recognised benchmark for quality management systems (QMS) in the aerospace industry. AS 9100D, the latest revision ensures a manufacturer possesses a robust QMS specifically tailored to the demanding requirements of aerospace components.


For materials, mechanical, and systems engineers, as well as those involved in advanced and precision manufacturing for the Aerospace industry, AS 9100D certification signifies several key advantages:

  • Enhanced Quality and Traceability: Rigorous quality control procedures are implemented throughout the entire manufacturing process, from feedstock material selection to final part inspection, ensuring consistent part quality and facilitating complete traceability of materials and processes used.
  • Reduced Risk and Improved Safety: By adhering to AS 9100D standards, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to minimising defects and potential failures in critical aerospace components, translating to safer, more reliable aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Streamlined Supply Chains: AS 9100D certification simplifies integration into existing aerospace supply chains. Suppliers with this accreditation demonstrate their ability to meet the industry’s high expectations for quality and consistency.

AML3D’s WAM® Technology Takes Flight

AML3D is a pioneer in Wire Additive Manufacturing technology, a 3D printing process that utilises continuous wire feedstock and a welding arc to create high-strength metal components. This method offers several benefits for the Aerospace industry:

  • Large-Scale Printing: WAM® excels at producing large, complex metal parts – ideal for aerospace applications like airframes, engine components, and spacecraft structures.
  • Material Versatility: WAM® can handle a wide range of metals commonly used in aerospace construction, including titanium alloys, aluminium, and Inconel.
  • Reduced Waste and Cost: WAM® minimises material waste compared to traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

Unlocking the Potential of WAM® in Aerospace

AML3D’s achievement of AS 9100D certification signifies a significant step forward for WAM® in the  Aerospace sector, paving the way for the production of high-quality, certifiable aerospace components using this innovative 3D printing technology.

Here’s a closer look at the implications for  materials, mechanical, and systems engineers:

  • Design Freedom and Lighter Weight: WAM®’s ability to produce complex geometries enables engineers to design lightweight, high-performance components that optimise fuel efficiency and overall aircraft performance.
  • Rapid Prototyping and Part Consolidation: WAM® facilitates faster design iterations and the consolidation of multiple parts into a single, additively manufactured component, streamlining production processes.
  • On-Demand Manufacturing and Repair: The potential for localised WAM® production opens doors for on-demand manufacturing of spare parts and even in-situ repairs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The Future of Flight Takes Shape with WAM®

With AS 9100D certification in hand, AML3D positions WAM® as a compelling option for the production of certifiable, high-quality metal components for the Aerospace industry opening doors for materials, mechanical, and systems engineers to explore the vast potential of WAM® in designing and manufacturing the next generation of aircraft and spacecraft with ARCEMY® AM Systems that use WAMSoft® and AMLSoft™ to produce bigger parts, stronger, faster and greener than traditional manufacturing methods.

Stay tuned for further developments as AML3D leverages its  AS 9100D certification to propel WAM® technology to new heights in the exciting world of aerospace manufacturing!

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About AML3D

AML3D Limited, a publicly listed technology company founded in 2014, utilises new technologies to pioneer and lead metal additive manufacturing globally. Disrupting the traditional manufacturing space, AML3D has developed and patented a Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) process that metal 3D prints commercial, large-scale parts for Aerospace, Defence, Maritime, Manufacturing, Mining and Oil & Gas. AML3D provides parts contract manufacturing from its Technology Centre in Adelaide, Australia, and is the OEM of ARCEMY®, an industrial metal 3D printing system that combines IIoT and Industry 4.0 to enable manufacturers to become globally competitive.